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D6 - If you can’t use your own vehicle to get home


What is covered


  • a. if after a breakdown your vehicle is still not repaired or safe to drive when it is time for you to go home, we will pay for (reasonable) transport to get you, your passengers and your luggage to your home, and up to £150 towards other travel costs in the UK while you wait for your own vehicle. We will also pay storage charges (up to £100) while your vehicle is waiting to be repaired, collected or taken to the UK.

We will then choose the most appropriate solution from the following options:

  • a. take your vehicle to your home or your chosen repairer in the UK.
  • b. pay the cost of one rail or sea ticket (or an air ticket if the rail or sea trip would take more than 12 hours) for you to go to get your vehicle once it has been repaired



Please also refer to the general conditions and general exclusions applying to all sections.

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