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UK Emergency Driver


Covered for Local Recovery Local, National & Homestart Local, National, Homestart & EU
UK Emergency driver No Yes Yes


What is covered


If the vehicle cannot be made safe to drive at the place you have broken down, and cannot be repaired the same day at a suitable local garage, we will choose the most appropriate solution from one of the following options, taking your circumstances into account.


Option 1 - Nationwide recovery


Option 2 - Overnight accommodation


Option 3 - 24-hour UK hire vehicle


Emergency driver

As well as the benefits above, if during the journey, the driver cannot drive because of an injury or illness they have gained, and there is no one else able or qualified to drive the vehicle, we will provide, and pay for, a driver to finish the journey or return the vehicle and passengers to the place you were originally travelling from. You may be asked to provide a medical certificate for the driver before we provide this benefit.




If you use your vehicle for driving in Europe have a look at our Local, National, Homestart & Europe breadkdown cover policy



Please also refer to the general conditions and general exclusions applying to all sections.

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